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BioCurrents Research Center

The BioCurrents Shared Resource (BSR) designs and develops instrumentation for biomedical research. The BRC specializes in the development and utilization of a range of technologies to examine the chemical profiles of the living cell, specifically within the complex and dynamic boundary layer.

The BSR is located at the Marine Biological Laboratory in the world renowned scientific community of Woods Hole, MA. The BSR, along with the Architectural Dynamics in Living Cells (ADLC) program form the MBL's Cellular Dynamics Program. This newly developed program combines the advanced imaging technologies of the ADLC with the self-referencing technologies of the BioCurrents Shared Resource.

The BioCurrents Shared Resource is under the management of Dr. Mark Messerli.
Oxygen probe using self-referencing techinque with neuron, Leon Collis
Oxygen probe using self-referencing technique with neuron. Mitochondria are fluorescing (photo by L. Collis)
BSR developing technologies are employed by in-house researchers and collaborators from around the world to address a range of human health issues (see projects to the right).

Investigators interested in utilizing the Center's technology may fill out the application to the left, or contact the program director, Mark Messerli.

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Detailed descriptions of Center activities can be found in the subject lists to the right. Technologies currently being developed by the BSR are described by function (technology by subject). Projects being pursued by in-house researchers and collaborators are categorized by research area (projects by subject). The project pages hold lists of titles related to each subject which are then linked to more detailed information about the specific investigator or group and an overview of their particular study.

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